Reasons As To Why Most Young People Are Embracing Electronic Dance Music And Its Culture

Reasons As To Why Most Young People Are Embracing Electronic Dance Music And Its Culture

Dance music also known as ''EDM, electronic dance music'' is generally a variety of percussive electronic music genres produced purposely for dance. This kind of music is ideal for dance-based entertainment environments like nightclubs and so on. Often produced in DJ mixes in which the disc jockey uses a harmonized segue to proceed from one recording to the next EDM is among the most popular kinds of music with the young people especially in the United States of America and some parts of Europe.

Every time this kind of music is mentioned in the media, it is often described as a negative culture which is characterized by alcohol, drugs, violence and immorality. If you want more information on the EDM culture then go to where you can find out about EDM festivals and other useful stuff. However with a bit of research it has been found out that there is a lot more to it than bad culture.

Therefore Why Do Youngsters Feel Good Being a Part of This Culture

When looked at keenly it can be noticed that the electronic music dance culture has numerous similarities derived from the movements that took place in the 1960s. In fact it has been discovered that the whole concept was adopted and adapted from the very prudent mantra practiced during this time i.e. (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect). The entire subject of this culture has become more of a philosophy and is normally associated with the well being of humans. Experts believe there is a connection between this kind of music and the human psychology when they become part of this culture. Here are the reasons why some young people have become great enthusiasts of club music and the culture;

They Believe It Signifies Peace

For a person who believes in this kind of music and culture the term 'Peace' has a lot more special meaning than what people know. It can positively impact their innermost feelings thereby providing more contentment as well as freedom in them. Most of these people are normally looking for a break in their usual life.


The love in this culture can be depicted in numerous forms. Starting with the ''love of self'', it makes many young individuals who are part of it feel happy with their true self and individuality. It gives them the chance to be who they really are without having to have on masks.


Club music fans always try to disseminate the idea of being united as humans through peace and love. This is brought about by the positivity and bond between them thereby making things more content. Due to this many people have been encouraged to embrace this culture all across the globe.


Respect can be split into numerous distinctive aspects. It normally follows as people begin understanding the above three concepts i.e. peace, love and unity. Participants start revering themselves as well as their counterparts. Doing so conveys a good message to the world thereby attracting many youngsters who are fed up with other cultures such as hip hop which is full of violence, pride and disrespect.

Given all the points discussed above it can be deduced that after suffering from the pitfalls of life, EDM culture can give a boost to any individual's life allowing them to relax, enjoy and interact with others in a more respectful way.


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